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Dezhou Guanlu Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Dezhou, Shandong, is a professional manufacturer of deep hole drilling machine (gun drilling machine), deep hole boring machine, deep hole drilling and boring machine, deep hole honing machine, deep hole skiving roller and burnishing machine as well as their relative accessories, such as gun driller sharpen device, BTA deep hole indexable drill head, deep hole boring head, deep hole pressing head and so on. Our company can also offer the customized deep hole machine solutions according to the customers' requirement.

Deep Hole Drilling and Boring Machine

Deep hole drilling and boring machine produced by Dezhou Guanlu adopting internal chip-discharging strategy (BTA), which handles diameter from Φ30mm to Φ100mm (drilling), our deep hole machine's drilling, boring and rolling functions are applicable to propeller, landing gear and ejection seat; various barrels in military use; Our deep hole drilling and boring machine's boring diameter ranges from Ф40mm to Ф200mm, with maximum length - 10m. Our maximum boring machine can handle boring diameter – 1000mm (T21100).

Deep Hole Skiving, Roller Burnishing Machine

Deep hole skiving roller and burnishing machine is a new type of efficient deep hole machine, independently developed by our company reference to the technology of the similar foreign machines. Deep hole skiving roller and burnishing machine is equipped with large power, strong rigidity, wide margin of machining process and extremely high machining efficiency, is the ideal equipment for all kinds of cylindrical workpieces with deep holes.

Gun Drilling Machine

Our mainly machines of gun drilling series:

◆Three axis gun drilling machine (we have 500mm depth, 1000mm depth and economic type)

◆Combination gun drilling machine (with this machine, you can drill from 3mm to 100mm)

◆Single spindle gun drilling machine

◆Double spindle gun drilling machines

◆Four spindle gun drilling machines

Deep Hole Honing Machine

Deep hole honing machine is our mainly machine also. For the cool drawing steel tube, you can choose the deep hole honing machine to hone the deep holes. At present, we are looking forward to cooperate with more customers worldwide. So, if you need our deep hole honing machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.